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Leak Detection and Repair

Arlington Leak Detection & Repair

Have you noticed a drop in water pressure, increased water bills, or unexplained puddles of water? If so, you might have a plumbing leak. Taking the proper actions if you think that there’s an issue with your system is essential. If the problem is unchecked, it can lead to extensive property damage and high repair costs. The best way to tackle a leak is to contact an experienced plumber and get it taken care of immediately.

Patton Plumbing Heating and A/C offers exceptional leak detection and repair services in Arlington. We are fully insured and offer customers a free estimate so they know exactly what to expect before the work begins. Our experienced plumbers are highly trained and can quickly diagnose and fix any plumbing leaks in main water lines, sewer lines, slab lines, faucets, fixtures, or elsewhere. Our team takes customer service very seriously, offering quality help while aiming to create an ideal experience for everyone who chooses us for their leak detection needs.

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    How Do You Know If You Have a Plumbing Leak?

    A plumbing leak can be one of the most problematic issues you might face as a homeowner. If the pipes run through walls or underground, the leak can be hard to detect because many of these areas are difficult to access. You may not even notice an issue until your property has sustained extensive damage, making it vital to look out for early warning signs.

    The following may be indicators of a plumbing leak:

    • Decreased water pressure: A gap or crack in a pipe can cause the water that would otherwise go to a faucet or fixture to escape into the surrounding environment. The resulting decrease in pressure prevents enough force from being generated to propel the water to the fixture.
    • Water stains: Stains on walls, ceilings, and floors can indicate an existing plumbing leak. They are usually dark in color, meaning the water has been sitting for a long time or continually flowing through the leak. The size and shape of these water stains often give an indication of the source and severity of the leak.
    • Mold and mildew growth: These substances require a humid, damp environment to thrive. Mold or mildew growth may indicate that the plumbing leak has been present for some time, as it takes several weeks before these fungi begin to form.
    • Increased water bill: Water that would otherwise go through the pipes is now escaping into the environment. This lost water adds up over time and can result in significantly higher water bills.
    • Strange noises from pipes: Weird sounds, such as hissing, gurgling, or bubbling, coming from a pipe can be an indication of a plumbing leak. This is because air is being drawn into the system to replace the lost water due to the leak, forming bubbles within the pipe.
    • Rusted pipes: Rust on exposed pipes is another indication of a plumbing leak. If left untreated, water leaking from a rusted pipe can cause significant damage to the surrounding walls and floors.
    • Pools of water: Puddles of water in your yard are likely to be coming from a nearby broken or cracked pipe. In addition, the presence of wet soil or soggy patches near pipes and drains can also be a sign of an existing plumbing leak.

    If you notice any signs of damaged lines, reach out to our team for leak detection and repair services in Arlington.

    Various factors can cause plumbing leaks.

    Some of the most common include the following:

    • Excessive water pressure: When the water pressure is too high, it puts additional strain on the pipes. This can be especially true in older plumbing systems where the pipes may already be weakened from age or corrosion. Additionally, an increase in water pressure can cause the pipe joints to loosen, leading to leaks.
    • Corrosion: Corrosion occurs when oxygen and water react with iron, copper, and other metals used in plumbing systems, causing them to break down over time. This can cause pipes to become brittle and develop cracks or holes that lead to water seeping out.
    • Damaged connectors: Improperly installed, corroded, or worn-down connectors will result in a break in the pipe system, allowing water to escape and reducing pressure in the faucets and fixtures.
    • Cracks: Cracks can be caused by various factors, such as old age, corrosion, improper installation, or excessive water pressure. Water escapes from the openings, reducing pressure in faucets and fixtures.
    • Tree roots: When tree roots grow into a pipe, they can create cracks and breaks, allowing water to leak out.

    Turn to a reputable plumber to ensure that any water leak is quickly detected and correctly repaired. At Patton Plumbing Heating and A/C, we use the most advanced equipment to identify exactly where the water leak is coming from. We do this by using camera inspection or sensors – no need to dig up your yard or break through walls. We use several methods to repair the issue, depending on its location and the extent of the water damage.

    Wherever your leak is and whatever is causing it, trust us to take care of the problem.

    If you’re experiencing a plumbing leak in Arlington, Arlington, or Bartlett, contact our plumbers today for prompt and reliable service. We’ve been performing top-notch work for years and have the know-how to complete your job quickly. Our team follows all professional standards regarding leak detection and repair. Plus, we use high-quality parts and materials to ensure your project is done right. 

    Call us at (901) 489-2119.

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