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Plumbing & Air Conditioning Services in Collierville

Being comfortable in your home has never been more important. Between a sometimes-chaotic world and more Americans working remotely, our homes must be a place of refuge. 

When a home is too hot or too cold, or toilets won’t flush or there is no hot water, that sanctuary turns into a place of frustration.

When you need expert HVAC or plumbing services in Collierville, contact Patton Plumbing right away!

From subfreezing temperatures with snow and ice to triple-digit heat, Collierville can experience weather extremes. Reliable heating and cooling have become a necessity. 

Our highly trained technicians provide maintenance, repair, and replacement/installation services that are second to none. 

HVAC Maintenance

The sports adage that the best offense is a good defense is also true with heating and cooling. Through proper maintenance, HVAC systems can have longer lifespans and work more efficiently. Problems can be detected early and addressed before they become bigger and more expensive.

All heating and cooling systems contain numerous mechanisms that are subject to wear and tear over time. This accumulated damage will eventually take a significant toll unless adjustments and small repairs are made along the way. 

Patton Plumbing’s HVAC professionals should evaluate your systems at least twice a year – once in the spring (before the hottest weather arrives) and once in the fall (before the deep chill of winter). Some systems and environments may require maintenance more often.

Maintenance does more than keep the equipment operational. Your heating and cooling systems will work more efficiently and help keep energy bills lower. The air you breathe inside your home will also be of higher quality with fewer contaminants. 

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    Air Conditioning Repair

    Air conditioning systems, heat pumps, and furnaces occasionally need more than a standard tune-up. At Patton Plumbing, we have the know-how to make the necessary repairs to get you back in comfort. 

    By noticing the signs of possible problems, repairs can be made before the system fully breaks down:

    • The system struggles to heat or cool the entire house
    • There is little airflow out of the events
    • The temperature varies greatly from room to room
    • The system continuously shuts off and on
    • The system is making strange noises
    • Weird smells are coming through the system

    When you notice any of these signs, contact us right away to diagnose the problem. Use our convenient Virtual Dispatcher to schedule your service!

    AC Replacement & Installation

    Many HVAC systems can last up to 25 years but will eventually need to be replaced. Deferred maintenance and repair can shorten the lifespan. Our licensed and insured HVAC pros have extensive experience in matching heating and cooling needs with the right system for the job. 

    The best heating or cooling system in Collierville depends on the situation:

    • Central Air Conditioner
    • Ductless Mini-Split
    • Geothermal Systems
    • Floor-Mounted Systems

    We will explain all your options so that you understand the pro and cons of each as well as replacement costs and ongoing maintenance requirements. 

    Cost does not have to be the driving factor in your HVAC purchase decisions. At Patton Plumbing, we offer flexible financing plans to fit most budgets. 

    Call (901) 489-2119 today for a free estimate!

    Standing in inches of water as you shower is not fun. Cooking in water that does not smell quite right is a problem and so is not getting enough hot water to wash a sink of dishes. Collierville homes depend on top-functioning plumbing systems.

    When your plumbing does not meet your standards, contact our team at Patton Plumbing! 

    Whether your water heater is on the fritz, your pipes are clogged, or there are cracks in your sewer line, we’ve got you covered.

    Water Heater Repair or Replacement

    Water heaters typically last a dozen years. During that time, repairs may be necessary. Broken dip tubes, bad heating elements, and faulty burners often need attention. 

    Notice the signs that your water heater needs professional help from Patton Plumbing:

    • Strange smells from the tap
    • Inability to properly heat water
    • Rusty water
    • Leaks around the water heater
    • Decreasing water pressure

    Some problems cannot be solved with a repair. Instead, the water heater needs to be replaced. We offer respected name-brand equipment so you can stop worrying about hot water and focus instead on your family.

    Tankless Water Heaters

    If it is time to replace your water heater, you should consider replacing it with a modern tankless water heater. While more expensive initially than a traditional water heater, tankless versions last up to 20 years and use less energy. 

    Other advantages of tankless water heaters include the following:

    • Increased comfort with on-demand heated water
    • Maximum functionality for large families or multiple office units
    • Better water pressure
    • Requires less space
    • Decreased risk of leaking, corroding, or otherwise malfunctioning

    Unclogging & Cleaning Drains

    Drains take waste and contaminated water away from our homes. Needless to say, they are important. A house’s drains are essential to get rid of waste and contaminated water. Like any other part of the home, they need TLC to stay in top working order.

    Over time, food, hair, skin flakes,  and dirt begin to accumulate. The debris eventually causes reduced water flow. If you notice sinks or tubs draining slower than usual, don’t ignore it. 

    We caution against over-the-counter solutions. Their harsh chemicals may temporarily help but corrode the inner lining of the pipes. That will create bigger problems in the future.

    Let our experienced techs clean out that debris and extend the life of your pipes. 

    Sewer Line Repair

    Some homeowners do not realize that they are responsible for the sewer line that extends to their homes. The sewer line’s integrity is critical to maintaining a safe home environment. Problems can create sewage backup in your home or pooling in your yard – a stinky, contaminated mess!

    You can potentially avoid such problems by calling out the experienced plumbers at Patton Plumbing at the first signs of problems:

    • Foul smells of sewage waste
    • Bubbling and gurgling noises from the sewers

    We have specialized equipment to pinpoint the problem and determine the solutions. Our team does everything possible to minimize the disruption to your yard and home. 

    We are proud to have served the plumbing and HVAC needs in Tennessee since 2005. Our commitment to quality work and outstanding customer service is shown in every project we do. From clogged drains to whole-house HVAC replacement, our expert team will be the go-to professionals you call time and again for plumbing and heating and cooling services.

    Send us a question online, call (901) 489-2119 to speak with a team member, or schedule a service with our online dispatcher. No matter how you reach us, you can count on us to get the job done quickly and professionally. 

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