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Piping and Repiping

Arlington Piping & Repiping

Plumbing is a necessary component for keeping your home safe and livable. Without working plumbing lines, potable water couldn’t be transported into or wastewater couldn’t be taken out of your home. Although pipes can last many years if properly cared for, they could become compromised or damaged, leading to the need for piping or repiping. A professional can help get your system back up and running as it should be.

Do you need piping or repiping services in Arlington, Arlington, or Bartlett? Look no further than Patton Plumbing Heating and A/C. With extensive industry experience, our team of professionals is ready to help. Our plumbers are highly trained, use high-quality tools, and adhere to industry standards when providing their services. Thus, we do quality work and every job right. Furthermore, we offer free estimates, so customers will know how much the job will cost before work begins. We are fully insured for your safety and peace of mind.

When you trust Patton Plumbing Heating and A/C, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the service and experience you rightly deserve! To schedule a Arlington piping or repiping service, please contact us at (901) 489-2119.

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    What Is Piping and Repiping?

    Piping and repiping is an imperative plumbing service that helps to keep your property’s internal water supply system functioning optimally. Hiring a professional for this job is important to ensure the lines are fitted correctly. A mistake could lead to wasted water, costly repairs, and, even worse, potential water damage to your home’s infrastructure. With a reputable plumber doing the job, you can be confident that piping and repiping will be taken care of swiftly and correctly!

    Below is an outline of the process:

    • The first step is preparing for the job. Specialized tools like cameras are used to identify where the damaged pipe is located. After determining the location, the water supply will be shut off, and the water will be drained from the pipes to prevent leaks.
    • The next step is accessing the pipes by removing drywall or digging sections of the yard. We use the least invasive methods to minimize damage to existing structures.
    • Then, the old, worn-out pipes are removed, and new pipes are fitted into the system.
    • Finally, once all the repiping is finished and everything is running smoothly, we repair any areas that might have been disturbed by the process. This could include patching up walls or filling in holes. 

    If your pipes are old or deteriorated, they can leak, cause water pressure issues, or could even lead to structural damage. Getting a repiping service in Arlington can ensure that the problem is addressed as quickly as possible, saving you money and hassle.

    The following signs may indicate that you need repiping:

    • Banging noises from the pipes
    • Pipes froze in the winter
    • Sweating or indications of moisture on the pipes
    • Increased water bills
    • Low water pressure
    • Discoloration of water
    • Leaking water
    • Cracked pipes
    • Noticeable corrosion on pipes

    Even though you can look for signs of damaged pipes, it might still be challenging to know for sure. Calling a plumber is the best way to determine whether it’s time for repiping in Arlington. At Patton Plumbing Heating and A/C, we can give you the run-down on your pipes’ condition and let you know what service would be beneficial.

    Our experienced plumbers are ready to tackle your piping and repiping project, big or small. Whether you’re interested in a partial or whole-house repipe, we have the knowledge and skills to provide top-quality results at a reasonable cost.

    We work with the following materials:

    • PVC pipes: These are a great choice for plumbing systems because they are corrosion-resistant, cost-effective, and sustainable.
    • Copper pipes: These pipes consist of a naturally occurring metal highly resistant to chemical and environmental damage, meaning they can last much longer than other types of pipes. Copper pipes can be connected with special fittings to form strong joints that prevent leaks.
    • PEX plastic pipes: These pipes are easier and more cost-effective to install, helping to reduce labor costs and time spent on the job. PEX also has greater flexibility than copper piping, so it can fit into tighter spots and take less time to install in these areas. Furthermore, PEX piping requires fewer connections than copper or metal piping, eliminating potential leak points. It is durable and corrosion-resistant, meaning it will last for many years with little maintenance required.

    When we complete a piping and repiping job in Arlington, we want to ensure that the project is done right and that our customers are thrilled with the result. Our team has extensive experience doing this type of work and can clearly communicate the process involved, as well as the available options and their advantages. 

    At Patton Plumbing Heating and A/C, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Learn how we can help with your pipe issue by calling us at (901) 489-2119 or contacting us online today.

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